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Rotary Cultivator Tiller Powered by FP177F/P-3 Petrol Engine

  • Tilling scope(mm):290~320
  • Tilling depth(mm):420~650
  • Driving model:gear+chain+belt
  • Max power hp(kw)rpm:9(6.0)/1800
  • FPT650A

  • Fullas

Fullas FPT650A Farming Machinery Mini Rotary Cultivator Rotary Tiller Powered by FP177F/P-3 Gasoline Engine

Scopes of application:

FPT650 series is designed to work on paddy field, dryland and field management.
Newly. - designed anti-mud start cover prevents outer dust from entering the air filter. It's ideal for
tlling on muddy lands.
Newly- designed handle type drain plug on carburetor allows easy operation and convenient
Optional special air filter with new prolonged inlet pipe for 5% less fuel consumption.
Compact and light structure
Versatile for tlling on dryland and water field

Basic info

Model FPT650A
Body size(mm) 1600×750×880
Tilling scope(mm) ditching width:290~320
tilling width:420~650

Tilling depth(mm) ≥100mm
Gear shifting walking gearbox:forward(H,L),0,reverse(H,L)
Tilling gearbox : high drive ratio(H,L)
low drive ratio (H,L)
Driving model gear+chain+belt
Transmission oil capacity(L) walking gearbox:1.5
Tilling Gearbox:1.2
Engine model FP177F/P-3
Max power hp(kw)rpm 9(6.0)/1800
N.W/G.W(kg) 99/109
Packaging Dimension(mm) 1280×470×820
Accessories 5pcs ditching blade, 3pcs 3 group rotary blade, 1 set of 30mm iron wheel, 1 set of 3.5-5 rubber tyre

Production line

FPT650A gasoline tillerFPT650A gasoline tillerFPT650A gasoline tiller

Company information

FPT650A gasoline tiller

Aiming at supplying global customers high quality machinery products, Depending on 15 years of hard work, Chongqing Fullas Industry Co.,ltd integrates abundant Chongqing machinery resources and offer customers one- stop solutions! Our main products include engine, generator, water pump, tiller, garden tool and various kinds of spare parts. We are the authorized supplier of finished products powered by Kohler. Fullas products have been widely exported to North America, Europe,Middle East and Asia, etc.

"Full Devotion, Innovation, Customer First and People Orientation" is Fullas business philosophy. We warmly welcome global customers to contact with us for fruitful business cooperation.


FPT650A gasoline tiller

Introduce to power tiller

A rotary cultivator power tiller, also known as a rotary tiller or rotavator, is a gardening or farming tool used for soil cultivation. It is powered by an engine, typically gasoline or diesel, and is designed to break up and prepare the soil for planting or other agricultural activities. Here are some features and considerations of a rotary cultivator power tiller:

1. Tilling Depth and Width: Rotary cultivators come in different sizes and have varying tilling depths and widths. The tilling depth refers to how deep the tiller can dig into the soil, while the tilling width refers to the width of the area that can be tilled in a single pass. The size of the tiller should be selected based on the size of the area to be cultivated and the type of soil.

2. Engine Power: The engine power of a rotary cultivator power tiller determines its ability to handle tough or compacted soil. Higher engine power allows the tiller to work more efficiently and effectively, especially in challenging soil conditions. Consider the type of soil you will be working with and choose a tiller with an appropriate engine power.

3. Tine Design: The tines or blades of a rotary cultivator power tiller play a crucial role in breaking up and loosening the soil. The tines are usually made of hardened steel and can come in different designs, such as curved or straight blades. Consider the type of soil and the desired level of soil pulverization when selecting a tiller with the appropriate tine design.

4. Maneuverability and Controls: Rotary cultivator power tillers typically have wheels or tracks for easy maneuverability. Some models may have adjustable handles or controls that allow the operator to adjust the tilling depth or speed. Consider the ease of use and maneuverability features that suit your needs and preferences.

5. Safety Features: Safety is important when operating a rotary cultivator power tiller. Look for safety features such as blade guards or shields that protect the operator from debris and rotating parts. Some tillers may also have safety switches or controls to prevent accidental starts or shut off the engine in case of emergencies.

6. Maintenance and Servicing: Like any powered equipment, rotary cultivator power tillers require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity. This may include oil changes, air filter cleaning or replacement, and general inspections of the tiller components. Consider the ease of maintenance and availability of spare parts when choosing a tiller.

7. Cost: The cost of a rotary cultivator power tiller can vary depending on factors such as engine power, tilling depth and width, brand, and additional features. Consider your budget and the overall value you seek in terms of performance and durability.

When choosing a rotary cultivator power tiller, consider factors such as tilling depth and width, engine power, tine design, maneuverability, safety features, maintenance requirements, and cost. It is recommended to research different models, read customer reviews, and consult with gardening or farming experts to select the most suitable tiller for your specific needs and soil conditions.


1.Q:Are you a factory or trading company?

A:Yes, we are a factory, and our factory is located in Chongqing China.

2.Q:How about the quality control in your factory?

A:Fullas people are always paying great attention to the quality controlling from the beginning to the end. With more than 15 years experience in this file, each product will be tested one by one before packing, our product has passed CE GS etc.  

3. Q: Is it all right to make customer's own brand name?
A:Yes,we can accept OEM,and you can add your logo on it.
You just need to let us know your demands then we can help you make it happen.

4. Q:What is the payment term you can accept?
A:Usually we can accept  T/T,western union and other payment term by negotiation.  
5. Q:Can I get one sample?
A:Sure you can,and you need to pay for sample charge which will be returned after the mass order signed.

Chongqing Fullas Industry Co., Ltd was established in 2017, and located in Jiulong Park Industry, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing China.
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